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Every brand has something special and exciting to reveal, learning about these nuances is an enjoyable part of the process which allows us to find new ways for our clients to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Over the years our clients have varied in industry, from home construction to handcrafted confections. The process of developing a marketing strategy, however, is the same regardless of product or service.


At Sheila Ray we help you identify and focus on your strengths, and express the passion and purpose behind your brand. We start by reviewing the current market and your advertising outlets to see what can be enhanced, transformed, or sometimes built from scratch. We then apply creative marketing; from comprehensive website design, social media marketing, to strategic branding and other traditional and online marketing initiatives.  


Sheila Ray will help you find the right message and outlet to promote your business, bring synergy to your brand, products and/or services, generate more sales and together, come up with a strategy that is right for you and your trajectory.

Holistic SEO Copy Writing and Analytics

A thorough review of your website and analytics will be performed for the best keywords, corresponding landing pages, UX design, and clarity. From there we will create the best plan for you. 

Social Media Marketing

A review of your current social media accounts and corresponding analytics will take place. Depending on your product or services you will need to focus on certain platforms more than others and we will uncover the best ones to use to showcase your brand. Together we will come up with the right plan to maintain, revamp, and or create your accounts from scratch.


Creative Services

There will be a flow between your website and all your social media outlets. Your viewers will be able to recognize your style across all your pages and accounts.

Visuals are essential to portraying your brand and communicating messages about your brand to the consumer. Images and messaging associated with your brand evoke an emotional connection with the consumer, making the image of a brand a deciding factor for a lot of consumers and whether they choose to purchase a product or service from a particular company. Brand imagery and messaging creates character, recognition and value of a brand. It also generates interest and trust of the consumer, so it is therefore imperative that the branding, imagery and messaging associated with your business be consistent and spot on. Clients rely on Sheila Ray's creative services for branding, printed material, website design, content writing and all imagery and messaging associated with our client’s company and their products and services.

Digital Strategy, Planning & Advertising

Your overall digital plan will be harmonized with the primary objectives of your company. We will identify success criteria for each of your platforms and formulate an outline for measurable results that we will track, optimize and modify accordingly.

This strategy helps our client’s websites get found in search engines, which increases brand exposure and sales, and allows the website to be found by customers and potential customers.